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Walking Floor Ice Storage

& Conveying Systems

*TRUE First-In, First Out Material Rotation, Ideal for Packaged Ice*

Custom Engineered - Unlimited Tonnage!

The Walking Floor's vertical comb system drastically reduces product damage caused by the excessive scraping of conventioal rakes and the shattering effect of breaker bars. The need for heaters or jack hammers is eliminated as the system discharges all ice with no loss. Systems will meter ALL TYPES of tube, plate, or flacked ice in either cold, insulated, or warm rooms.

*Please note - Model shown represents only a single configuration of available Walking Floor Systems. ITC offers a full, comprehensive line that can be custom tailored to your exact specifications and needs*`

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Standard Features

• Sub-Floor and Floor Slats Are Comprised of Durable

   Aluminum Alloy, 6061-T6

• Variable Speed Hydraulic Pump that Powers the Comb

• Long Lasting UHMW sprockets

• Gel-Coated Fiberglass Walls Prevent Ice from Freezing

   to Sides of Bin

• Walls Designed to be Self-Releasing with FDA Approved

  Interior Coatings

• Floor Slats Coated with Food-Grade Polyethylene

  eliminating ice buildup