System Integrators



VPM 700 Semi

Automatic Palletizer




• Adjustable stacking bin and collar for

  optional pallet sizes

• Soft landing on formation doors

• 4 Sided closed stacking bin



Pallet Sizes Tailored to Continent of Location

Up to 12 Bags per Minute

Upgradeable to Fully Automatic

The VPM 700 is a an excellent semi-automatic palletizer capable of handling pallets up to 1200 x 1000 mm and comes equipped with standard walk-in protection and saftey fencing.



• 3 Sided closed door stacking bin

• Suitable for bag sizes 5-25 kg

• Pallet infeed/outfeed compatible with forklift

• 2500 mm Max stacking height

• PLC control system with touchscreen

• 116 PSI Average air consumption

• Equipped with standard walk-in protection and saftey fencing

• 30 x 230 VAC 60 Hz main power (USA),

• 30 x 230 VAC 50 Hz  main power (Europe)


*Please note - Model shown represents only a single configuration of available VPM 700 Semi-Automatic Palletizers. ITC offers a full, comprehensive line that can be custom tailored to your exact specifications and needs*