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Ice Sizer

Increase Bag Count By Reducing Snow

Less Waste and Drier Ice

Increase your bag count by significantly reducing snow. Higher production rates because of a much drier end product. With drier ice you get less waste, a more sellable product in the bag.


Combine this benefit with better product uniformity for more accurate bag weight and bag stacking.


Placed under the bagger and above the vertical packaging machine, the detector inspects products in-flight as they enter the bag. No conveyor is needed and valuable space is saved.


Check out these other cost effective features:

• High capacity. Can handle up to 1000 pounds per minute

• Rugged construction. Sanitary Stainless Steel and UHMW

   construction fights corrosion.

• Economical to operate. Uses a minimum of power

• Compact. Easy to install.

• Less moving parts. Means less trouble. No breaker bars and the

   problems of maintenance and component replacement.

• Sized ice works better in drink dispensers. Uniform blade spacing

   assures even sizing. Evenly proportioned ice with a minimum of

   snow results in more product for more profits.


•  Overall Dimensions:

       66” long

       46” wide

       30” hight

•  2 Horsepower Slow Speed Chain Drive

•  7/8” Blade Spacing

•  52” active cutting width

•  Up to 1000 lbs/min – production rate

•  All stainless steel/UHMW construction

•  Net weight 550 pounds

*Please note - Model shown represents only a single configuration of available Ice Sizers. ITC offers the full, comprehensive line that can be custom tailored to your exact specifications and needs*