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Rectangular Modular Ice

Rake Systems

*Greatest Capacity Per Unit of Floor Area*

100 - 250 Ton Storage Capacity

Rectangular storage bins and rakes are ideal for operations that require large storage capacities and where ice consumption varies greatly from day to day. Rectangular bins hold between 100 and 250 tons of ice and offer the greatest capacity per unit of floor area.

*Please note - Model shown represents only a single configuration of available Rectangular Modular Ice Systems. ITC offers a full, comprehensive line that can be custom tailored to your exact specifications and needs*

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Standard Features

• Systems are built with heavy-duty industrial grade

   components for continuous operation, long life and low  


• Patented ice rake levels the ice as it is produced by the

   ice maker, then sweeps it out of the bin during the

   discharge cycle

•  Features a motorized bin door that opens automatically to

   discharge ice on demand.  Twin screws carry the ice to

   the delivery system

• Control panels can be designed to accommodate dual

  rake systems, multiple ice makers or other design options

• Can be equipped with either a pneumatic delivery system

  or screw conveyor

• All systems include state-of -the-art safety and

  protection features