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Model 865 Automatic

Bag Closing Machine

Will Close Any Bag Width Without Adjustment

Close up to 80 Bags Per Minute

The 865 machine is designed to close vertical bagged packages and can also be ordered as a side mounted bag closing machine for horizantal packages. The machine uses regular all-plastic Kwik-Lok bag closures or closure labels. The 865 will close and package width without adjustments. Package width limitations are determined by closire opening, no the gearing of the machine.


When used with an optional printer, the machine can print price-date information on the closure as the bags are being closed. The 865 can be installed on most manual and automated bagging lines.




• Label Printer

• Bag Top Trimmer

• Conveyor and Stand

• Table Top Stand

• Maintenance Stand


*Please note - Model shown represents only a single configuration of available Model 865 Bag Closing Machines. ITC offers a full, comprehensive line that can be custom tailored to your exact specifications and needs*

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