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Funnel Style Metal Detection

Features & Advantages

● Incorporate patented Internal Cancellation Field

   (ICF) technology that eliminates interference from

   nearby metal structures, ensuring highest frequency

   and maximum stability in reduced spaces.

● Inspects product in flight as they enter the bag

● No conveyor needed saving valuable space

● Control center can be remotely mounted

Optimum Performance in Limited Space

No Conveyor Needed, Perfect for FFS

Ideal for placement under the bagger and above the vertical packaging machine, our Funnel Style Detector inspects products in-flight as they enter the bag. No conveyor is needed and valuable space is saved.


On detection of contaminant, the metal detector will immediately signal the packaging machine to stop or make a double bag. Or, if desired, an automatic reject device may be positioned down the line. The metal detector electronics will memorize the pack position until the contaminant is rejected.


The washdown rated control panel is easily understood and was designed to simplify operations. All operating parameters may be set and reviewed from the control panel and access codes my be used to prevent unauthorized adjustment. The control center may be mounted with the detector or remotely in a convenient location.

*Please note - Model shown represents only a single configuration of available Funnel Style Metal Detection systems. ITC offers the full, comprehensive line that can be custom tailored to your exact specifications and needs*