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Auto Form, Fill & Seal 310

Fast: 50+ Bags Per Minute

Supports 3 - 10 LBS Bags

Bag Sizes:

• Width: 9" to 12"

• Length: Up to 24"

• Weight: 3 to 10 LBS

• Poly thickness: 1.5 mil minumum


• 35" Roll Holder

• Speed kit for 60+` BPM

• Bag coders

• Bag handles

• Bag Trimmer



The model 310 allows ice producers to automate their packaged ice bagging facility at a low cost of automation.   Providing full form, fill and seal automation it packages at speeds up to 50 bags a minute on 3 lb to 10lb bags.   Complete with a volumetric filler the model 310 utilizes a wire tie bag top closure.


• Corrosion-resistant, heavy duty 304 stainless steel construction

• Labor savings and increased productivity typically equal one

  year investment payback

• Bag cost savings of up to 20% and less storage space needed

• Horizontal, compact design

• Automatic imprinting of date/shift code on bags is optional

• Design eliminates product spills and wasted bags adjustment

• Microprossesor controlled systems and operations assure

  reliability and consistent performance

• Optional remote control adds convenience and saves valuable

  set-up and change-over times

*Please note - Model shown represents only a single configuration of available FFS 310 Systems. ITC offers a full, comprehensive line that can be custom tailored to your exact specifications and needs*

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