System Integrators



Automatic Ring

Bag Closer



• 115V  60Hz  3/4 HP

• 230V  50Hz  3/4 HP (optional)

• Weight: 625 pounds (with conveyor)


Bag Types & Capacities

• Open Mouth Poly

• Poly Mesh/Net

• 10 to 75 pound


Closes Up to 45 Bags Per Minute

10 to 75 LBS Bag Capacity

The ultimate machne for high-speed, economical and tamper proof sealing of open mouth bags. Ring Bag Closers gather, tie and seal bags automatically. Models are available to handle 10 to 75 pound bags at rates up to 45 bags per minute. The machine's trouble free, low-maintanence performance has been proven in 1000's of high production installations. Heavy-metal wire seals lock in even the finest powders while preventing pilferage/short weight and accidental spillage.


Standard Features

• Closes up to 45 bags per minute (bag size dependent)

• Wire ring seal is tamperproof, reliable, and economical

• No costly maintanence, just oil once daily

• Coil needs replacement only ONCE A DAY, even at max speed

• Head swings up for easy access during maintanence

• Engineered and constructed to stand up under continuous stop and go

  production. All stress parts built from hardened steel alloys

• Creats uniform, neat bags for easy handling during storage and shipment


*Please note - Model shown represents only a single configuration of available Automatic Ring Bag Closers. ITC offers a full, comprehensive line that can be custom tailored to your exact specifications and needs*